The Preview To Greatness

Pine Hills Nursery offers a large variety of high quality plants. We plan to have nothing but the best for our clients and will go to any lengths to be able to provide you with the right services and products. Here are just a few of the plants that we have but if you dont see what you like, you can either contact us through email or just come to the nursery which are both available at the bottom of the page.

Olive Tree

Non-Fruit Bearing

Olive trees are widely used in Spanish, Italian, and modern gardens. The advantage that a non-fruit bearing tree has is that it does not release pollen so you can rest assured it is friendly for any type of landscape. This tree typically tends to grow between 25 to 35 feet tall.


Flowers Of The Rainbow

Lantana is a genus of flowering perennial plants consisting of around 150 species that are native to the tropical Americas and West Africa. The genus includes both herbaceous plants and shrubs growing from 1 to 6 Feet tall.

Desert Museum Palo Verde

A Hybrid You'll Enjoy

This beautiful, thorn-less hybrid is extremely drought tolerant with year round interest due to its smooth green bark. This rapidly growing tree has an upright form that can reach up to 25 feet tall and can be just as wide. In the spring, the Palos Verdes is covered in dazzling yellow flowers that will brighten up any landscape.

Italian Cypress Spirals

A Twist On Greatness

Italian cypress grows in a narrow, columnar shape up to 40 to 60 feet tall, making it a suitable specimen for adding dramatic spiral topiary to a formal garden. Due to its fine, feathery foliage, Italian cypress looks best with a subtle spiral rather than a spiral cut all the way to the trunk. A spiral topiary requires frequent trimming to maintain the shape, but the existing spiral shape makes it easy to trim new growth to the proper length.

Blue Cypress Pom Pom

A Touch Of Formality

Very attractive feathery blue foliage that develops a nice trunk and forms in a natural broom style. Does well in a cool weather and is imported from Japan. Ordinarily these can grow to be 5 Feet or a little taller and its perfect to add a formal appearance to any landscape.


The Fragrance Of Nature

Lavender is native to the mountainous zones of the Mediterranean where it grows in sunny, stony habitats. Today, it flourishes throughout southern Europe, Australia, and the United States. Lavender is a heavily branched short shrub that grows to a height of roughly 60 centimeters (about 24 inches). Its broad rootstock bears woody branches with upright, rod like, leafy, green shoots.

Japanese Maple Weeping

A Dash Of Autumn

Weeping Japanese maples display lacy, deeply dissected leaves with branches that cascade toward the ground. Besides gracefulness, weeping Japanese maples, sometimes called lace leafs, offer versatility in the landscape and spectacular autumn color. The small trees, seldom reaching more than 10 feet high, thrive in U.S..


The Designs Are Endless

Boxwood plants may be used as individual specimens, hedges, parterres and groups. Special uses include growth in containers, topiary, and bonsai. Boxwood can be seen growing in many public and private gardens in the United States, but most especially in the Mid-Atlantic area. Height will depend on the owner and how it will be shaped into a landscape.

Plum Trees

Fruit And Non-Fruit Bearing

Ornamental fruitless plum trees bring color and fragrance to landscapes and indoor gardens. Flowering plum trees produce colorful foliage and springtime flowers. The trees grow to be approximately 20 to 25 feet